Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Crafts and Decor

I love to decorate my apartment. I wish I had a big house to decorate. It would be so much fun! I must admit, I'm more of a "Fall" decorater - I like to decorate with Fall leaves and Autumn tones to take me through Halloween and Thanksgiving. But, I found some amazing Halloween decor and DIY ideas that I just can't resist. Take a look!

Zombie Pumpkins from Martha Stewart

Halloween Decor black cat  gothic halloween spooky cat  black and gold art print  "Chat Noir" 5x5  wall art theteam
Black Cat Halloween Art from Raceytay

Organic English Walnut Hand-painted Eyeballs - Spooky Halloween Decoration-  Bag of eight-
Organic Walnut Eyeballs from Beth's Organic Walnuts

10 Gift Wrapping / Scrapbooking Kit / Card Making -Halloween Tag Set
Halloween Scrapbook/Card Kit from Paper Souffle

Poison bow hair clip
Poison Bow Hair Clip from My Darling Frankenstein

Reproduction arsenic miniature glass poison bottle pendant charm
Poison Bottles from Moira Coon's Shine

hot air balloon costume
Hot Air Balloon Costume from Country Living

DIY Bat Headband from StyleFrizz

Happy Halloween!

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